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Now ALL 5/16" and 3/8" SnakeBit Drill Bits 10-20% Cheaper!
5/16" and 3/8" Now Starting at $15.99!
SnakeBit is a hollow shank bell hanger drill bit used for installing phone lines, Romex electrical wires, computer networking cables, and satellite/cable T.V. cables.

SnakeBit's patented design eliminates the need to fish wires backwards through walls, making it the most efficient installer bit on the market. SnakeBit is the first and only installer drill bit that allows the user to install cables and wires in the same direction they are working.

From home owners to professionals, SnakeBit saves valuable time and money by eliminating unnecessary steps.

100% American Made

Eliminates the need to fish wires backwards through walls

Protects delicate phone lines and wires while being installed

Allows the user to install and work in the same direction

Custom sizes and lengths available

Quality construction


How to use a bell hanger drill bit
Drill Through the Wall
How to use a bell hanger drill bit
Insert Wire into the Hollow Shank
How to use a bell hanger drill bit
Remove SnakeBit and Leave Wire in the Wall

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