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SnakeBit Drill is an American manufacturing company committed to providing innovative drilling solutions for the audio/visual, automotive, construction, electrical and telecommunications industries. At SnakeBit Drill, we proudly research, develop, test, and manufacture all of our products in America with 100% American made quality materials. SnakeBit Drill is the inventor and sole manufacturer of the revolutionary SnakeBit Drill, a hollow shank bell hanger drill bit. In addition to our SnakeBit Drills, we also manufacture custom drill bits and cutting tools. If your company is looking for a custom tool, our engineers will gladly research, test and manufacture prototypes and full runs. Let us know what you need!
SnakeBit Drill works hard to operate as efficiently as possible and maintain low overhead which allows us to pass the savings on to our customers.

SnakeBit utilizes a Certified Secure Socket Layer Encrypted Connection to process all credit card transactions to guarantee a 100% completely secure transaction.
If you have a custom drilling need, contact us! We are always willing to research, develop and manufacture innovative solutions for our customers.
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