This company makes bits that are long enough to do any job and perfect for quickly putting lines through walls and floors.

They're the only drill bits I use on installations. I carry both their general purpose and masonry installer bits in each size that I use on the job.

In all honesty, if your installer bits don't look like these, then they're simply not real installer bits... They're just really long bits.

Absolutely the best drill bits I've ever used, hands down, and I mean that in the sense of drilling penetration holes.

With ample space for the line in the hollow shank, you'll never find an easier way to quickly push line through any penetration.

If Snake Bit sent me a ball cap or Du Rag to wear on the job, I'd wear it in a heart beat... And I rarely advertise for anything except Veterans and the Army on my head gear!!"



"So far the bits that I have ordered from Amazon are by far the best drill bits we have purchased to date, note only for the hollow shank which also is game changing but for the durability and the way they cut. We deal with a lot of older homes and the wood that was used during its construction is much harder than new lumber used today and these bits drill with ease, then we have the hollow shank which allows us to pull our fiber jumper into house without having to use a ground wire or fish stick as fiber can not be bent. Thanks for the great product and help making my techs life a little easier in there day to day work!"


"This makes my job so so much easier. I install cable and coming from an outside wall through insulation is a pain to feed coax through but not with this, take only seconds and you're done"

"I work for a major cable T.V. provider. Installing coaxial cable and phone wire is almost a daily task. The hollow end drill bit by SnakeBit Drill is by far the most versatile installer bit I have ever used, the most innovative tool I have seen in years. I highly recommend these drill bits to any electrician, phone and T.V. installer or anyone who runs wiring."

Worked perfect"

"Absolutely the best bit for installing Ethernet runs. Our installers love them. We love the time saved on fishing cable through walls. Great product!"

"Very helpful tool if you need to drill through thick walls and pull wire through it. "

"Mine worked perfectly."

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